United Kingdom


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Mail Receipt

Address, as of August 3, 1943 according to post mark, shows 45 Mill Street, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. Alice lived here with her daughter Anne, age 1, at this time.

Page 2 of Post Letter

Note that according to the postmark of May 24, 1944, Alice Lucas has apparently moved to in care of Duffy's, 12 St. Mary's Street; Edinburgh, Scotland. Her daughter Anne, would be 2 years of age. To see page 1 & 2 of letter, and easier to read word version, go to William's military record page.

23 Foxwood, Aston, UK

Last home that Anne lived in. The windows closest in picture.

Time Frame: 19xx ?

Church of England

Church of England in Aston, UK

Time Frame: 19xx ?

Coat Cottage

This is Coat Cottage in Aston, UK. This is where Anne, her brother Michael, and their mother, Alice, all lived together.

Time Frame: 19xx ?

The "Square"

This is the "Square" in Witney, Oxfordshire

Time Frame: 19xx ?

Chapel at Brize Norton

Many happy memories of this Chapel for Anne Carroll. It was here that Father Spiewak brought Anne in the Catholic Church.